ウタ:『 An amused laugh slipped through still-stoic lips, “Then I’m jealous of how easy your mask must be to wear.” The last time vampires were hunted down was centuries ago; the CCG now worked so hard to kill off ghouls. What he would have given to be able to have an alternative source of meat. “But jealousy is a petty thing amongst us monsters.” 』


                      ; Hmn, it’s rather true, within the last few centuries or so, vampires have had it easy, to humans, they’re no more than horror stories or fairy tails, depends on how they looked at it. Nobody believed in vampires anymore, their time has come and gone, when they once reigned terror over humans, they’re now more in… ‘hiding’. Keeping a very low profile. No more than a mere handful of humans knew of their existence, and had the pleasure or displeasure of meeting one.

                        Vampires now had organizations, a worldwide society, rules and regulations, that if you went against, you’d suffer a terrible fate. All of this was put into place to reassure that their existence was kept secret.

                        Kanato held his Teddy tightly, emotions weren’t seen on any part of his features, they were the usual—- ‘dead and cold.’ 


               ❝      Ah, it’s unfortunate…
                             that you have more of a difficult time blending in.
                              ———but, it appears that some of your kind is rather
                             careless when it comes to cleaning up their m e s s
                                                                                                          Hn, sloppy.       ❞

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  stares at his teddy bear


        ; How bothersome. Kanato hated it when others would talk, stare, acknowledge his Teddy in any which way or manner—- !

                              ❝      I’d ask that you didn’t stare at Teddy like that.      ❞

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Diabolik Lovers Anime Promo Video | (x)

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Sorry, I’ve been sleeping most of the day… I’ve come down with a fever of some sort.. Ugh, when I finally get time to myself and to roleplay after the worst week ever, I get ill… 

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 Be back later~

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r-y-u-s-e-n-k-a replied to your post:Licks the Vampire.

Don’t tempt me to continue B]

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  Licks the Vampire.


     ; You’re really crossing the line, Shinigami.

                                                                                 ❝     ……     ❞

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In case you’re wondering, yes, this glorious edit was in fact done in MS Paint. It took about two seconds. You’re welcome.

Now!! On to the ~serious~ stuff. Oh, boy.

Well I’ve been here for like… almost a year now. And I have more followers than I prolly should. Which is… fuckin’ sweet, totes. And—*clenches fist*—you guys are the reason I’ve become so great, y’know? I—*puffs up chest*—definitely wouldn’t be the RPer, or person, I am today without y’all standing here by my side. So—*wipes tear from eye*—thanks so much for your continued loyalty. I promise we’ll make it through this Tumblr thing… together.

No seriously though thanks for putting up with me. Love ya.


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My Baes

amxichi / lxppi  - You are so incredible I could die. Everything about you is perfect and I’m so glad we’re friends like you have no idea. I’ve met you on a couple of my muses and we have been talking out of character a lot lately and it brightens up my day. I’m looking forward to roleplaying with you more and getting our muses to point B. Good luck in college and future plans! I really adore you and i’ll constantly remind you how cool you really are every day I swear. 

ghxulbroker - Ah frick, your Itori is kawaii as hell and what would Uta be without her? Thank you for putting up with my slow ass replies, bae. It means a lot to me. I really love you so much and I hope we can talk more I graduate from college next spring. Well even before then but I don’t know when the fuck my life will calm down again. 

lxrva - We have never interacted at all but do you know how much I look up to you? A lot. I hate saying  ”senpai” but I guess you can say you’re my inspiration

creepymaskvendor / stitchedchess / thxsilentsmile  - You’re the twin and I’m your twin and your Uta is pretty rad. I enjoy reading the UtaYomo stuff. I love how you can keep switching between verses too because I honestly could never do that. Cheshire is Uta’s pet for life and will forever be that baby that curls up on his lap and I’m okay with that. Your Noro is fucking perfect, end of story.

stitchex​ - Again, we never interacted but your Juuzou is hot and I wish I could have him all to myself. Another person I look up to and get inspiration from to portray my own muse. Thank you! 

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