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              There had once been a point in the hunter’s life where he could not ever even imagine shooting a child. Even the ones effected by vampirism. But after the murders of his family, he no longer cared. If you had the curse, you were destined to die with a body pumped full of holy water and with silver tipped, wooden bullets which acted as mini stakes through your heart. Child or not, you deserved to die if you fed off of the blood of others. Slowly, Vincent cocked his gun back and stood his ground. That little clicking noise which let the other know that he was being completely and totally serious.


                   ”I said— Stop talking.


                        ; Eyes were looking down at the stuffed bear in his arms,
                          Kanato appeared to be unfazed by the fact that this man—-
                                                         h u n t e r
                          had a gun pointed directly at him, ready to fire at will.
                          The vampire’s current thoughts were mainly uninterested,
                                 was this man really going to shoot such youth ? ?

                           Kanato was almost tempted to test him, see if he would
                           really do it ——but the sound of the clicking noise that came
                           from his weapon caused the vampire’s eyes to look up at him.
                                             His stare was dead, lifeless. 

                              ❝ ……… 


                           ; The vampire froze, he did not dare to take a step forward,
                              even his breathing had stopped, it were as if he were merely
                                                            a life-sized doll.

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y EL LS. I’M HERE! I know I haven’t been on in like…a week.


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I have to go out again, my mother needs me. I shall be back I promise! Because I NEED to get replies done.

However, there are still so many of you that I must rp with! Like this post if you’re interested and when I return we shall discuss threading <3

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Please let me sample you again sometime.
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Kanato Sakamaki | Diabolik Lovers
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無神アズサ | 墅碑(ヤイビ)@ツイッター浮上
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