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                                  ❝ Just a taste. ❞

                                                 ℒιттℓє ℳσηѕтєℛ;

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I’m awake, wow it’s 2pm and i feel ughugh, i tried to eat a piece of bread and now i feel really sick. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *curls up* anyways im online.

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╚λάμια ╝ ❝ I can’t imagine not killing off the victim 
                  There’s no purpose on keeping the person
                   or ghoul alive for us. Not if we’re hungry.
                   Flesh is the only thing I am able to stomach.
                   Still doesn’t mean I really wish I could taste
                   a god damn potato . Or stomach the 
                   smallest bit of coffee. ❞

Some ghouls were able to live on coffee and alcohol but even then he felt sick to his stomach once he got done eating them. While he had so many questions on why vampires felt the need to keep people alive in order to pray off of them, that seemed kind of gruesome and oddly, he liked that. Agreeing with the blood was more fresh with the human was alive, this also went with the meat that came along with it. Eating a person a few months or so after they died was like eating rotting moss covered flesh. It served no purpose, NOT to him. 

Talking about not stopping, the gang leader smiled at that tid bit of information too. He knew that feeling well, far more than he should. Because of not knowing when to stop killing once he started, it was most likely the same thing when vampires drained their victims dry. Killing was unable to control once a ghoul had their mind set to how they wanted to kill the person and how much thought they put into the kill. Most people would agree that ghoul’s were crazy monster’s that roamed the city streets and who’s to say they’re not. However, because people label them as crazy did not mean crazy was the only thing that they were. 

                            ❝ Sounds hard to …not kill
                               the person especially if ..
                               they have good blood? ❞

His eyes closed finally, leaning against the near by wall and bobbing his head lightly to the side. He dozed off while talking, peaceful for once in long time. Maybe it was the scent, that had to be it. He eventually slid down the wall to sit on the ground and continue to nap his way through a conversation. Not at all did he mean to be rude to the vampire, but he hasn’t slept in days and heard a voice like the vampire’s in ages.                    


                      ; And that’s where Kanato felt that Ghouls were cursed. To only
                        ever eat human flesh, for that to be the only thing you’re able to
                        stomach… Sounds like Hell if anything, I guess this is why vampires
                        were able to function in human society more easily than Ghouls,
                        they’re able to eat and even enjoy human food, there is none of this
                        struggling to keep it down or ignore the taste. Higher ranked vampires
                        are even able to go into sunlight, such as Kanato, however he truly
                        does prefer the night. To be quite honest, Kanato lives a life of luxury,
                        barely leaving the manor grounds, he lives in a more secluded area in
                        a more forest part, quite far from the city, so… he’s sheltered to say
                        the least, use to getting almost everything that he wants. He never
                        developed proper hunting skills to feed because he never had a reason
                        too, he can’t remember the last time he had felt the feeling of starvation,
                        all that he could remember is that it’s horrible, it was almost painful, but
                        being the spoiled child that he is, blood and even his sugary sweets were
                        always served to him whenever he wanted.

                        Kanato listened  as Uta’s words trailed off, his movements getting
                        even slower than before, more careless; watching as he drifted off
                        to sleep, caused the vampire to giggle, surely he must be exhausted to allow
                        himself to fall into such a vulnerable state around a vampire, weren’t they
                        known in folklore to drink your blood while you slumbered?

                        Kanato tilt his head, and just stared, examining the sleeping ghoul.
                        That is when he took a few steps toward Uta, now only standing a few inches
                        apart; the vampire sat down, in a very childish way, Teddy held closely.
                        It was time to examine the ghoul up close—- it was his fault that he fell asleep,
                        so, Kanato took this opportunity to satisfy some of his curiosities and take a
                        closer look… smell.  


                      ❝     Teddy, he smells good, I wonder if he tastes any better ?    

                      ; Now being up so close, it was much easier for Kanato to get past the scent
                        of rotting flesh and have a much better intake of Uta’s blood, and it smelled
                        surprisingly…good. How curious. Kanato wasn’t foolish, he wasn’t dumb
                        enough to attempt to drink Uta’s blood, that would, without a doubt, cause
                        trouble. Would you wake a sleeping lion? No. Then why would you wake a
                        Ghoul in such a manner ? No, Kanato just sat there, inches from him, talking
                        to his Teddy, allowing more inquiries to arise.

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      ╚λάμια ╝ ❝ I fear for your kind. You’re all very pure
                        and wonderful toward one another. I may
                        be a fucking barbarian compared to you.
                        but at least I don’t let people talk shit about
                        me behind my back. I’ll gladly eat their back
                        before something like that happens. What
                        happens if vampires tries to outwit and out
                        live other vampires? Do you kill your own
                        kind just to prove your superiority? Can you
                        live off the blood of your friends? Is it their
                        blood that doesn’t taste the same? ❞

Uta had no idea where this came from, in fact it was the first time he really ever talked to someone and asked question’s that meant something other than how obnoxious he could be. He was thinking about vampire’s drinking the blood of other vampires. It probably would be either way too pure for their own kind. Because it wasn’t really like them to do something of that sort. It was more of a ghoul thing to kill and feed on other ghoul’s to prove they were better than them. Maybe the worst blood Kanato has ever had was one of his friends? Or maybe that of a small rodent animal, something he could not stomach but had to live on for a few days. 

The ghoul blinked again and his eyes were slowly closing as he seemed to be falling asleep standing up. 


            ❝     Hnn, we don’t usually need to prove ourselves,
                          seeing that vampires have.. ranks.     

                         ; Kanato was one of the higher ranks, he was born a vampire from
                           two other vampires who were already higher up. His mother Cordelia, 
                           being a full vampire and the first wife to Karl Heinz, also known as a
                           vampire king—- Kanato was pure vampire blood, and seen with respect,
                           along with his brothers, in the vampire society of course. Then came
                           half human and vampire born, then humans who were turned, the
                           rankings go on. So, really vampires didn’t often try to prove themselves
                           seeing that from the start they’re put into place, and that’s how they’re 
                           viewed among other vampires. Obviously, vampires are more civil than

            ❝     We are able to live off of each other’s blood, however it’s
                    a last resort sort of thing, we also don’t kill our victim when we
                    feed, we often drain a lot of their blood but not enough to kill them,
                    obviously their blood is desirable so if we kill them, we will never taste
                    their blood again, that is why we let them live, so that once they’ve
                    gained strength again we’ll repeat everything—- ahah, the rare chance
                    that we’d ever kill the victim is if we’re that thirsty that we simply cannot
                    bring ourselves to.. s t o p ——- Ahahahaa…  


                         ; That’s when the memories came to mind— as he could feel his victim’s
                           heart rate slowly lower while he drained them of their blood, the body
                           grew weak and their entire person would become that of a mere doll,
                           lifeless. Some humans would cry, while other’s passed out, it was
                           different with each one.

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   ╚λάμια ╝ ❝ I get all sad when the blood is not fresh
                      or toxic, but usually after a few minutes it
                      doesn’t bother me. ❞

He’d look back over toward the vampire for a moment  and tiredly began to blink. Things were kind of blurred out due to being tired. Because of being tired, he had a hard time really being rude like he normally was. He was beginning to give two shits on how he presented himself. All he really wanted was a nice full rest in some comfortable bed and maybe wake up to a feast of some kind.That would be great, very great indeed. 

               ❝Glad we agree on something. Otherwise
               I would have no idea what else to talk about
                             withy you, blood sucker. ❞


                             ;  Staying very still, Kanato simply watched the other as his
                                movements began to almost slow down, showing less interest
                                and care. Violet eyes barely blinked, the vampire momentarily
                                allowed his focus to set elsewhere before it set back on the Ghoul.


                               ❝     ahhh, blood is never a topic I lose interest in.
                                      Even when conversation falls onto some of the worst
                                      blood I’ve ever had—- ahah, it’s a shame that not all
                                                       blood tastes good to me.     

                             ;  Kanato was known to be rather picky on what blood he consumed,
                                even when it came to sugary sweets such as cakes, and candies…
                                                             he was very picky choosy. 

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DIABOLIK LOVERS ステラ特典CD 「キノコ凶奏曲」

Kanato : Kaji Yuuki, Shuu : Toriumi Kosuke and Subaru : Kondo Takashi - PSP Game DIABOLIK LOVERS Stellaworth Tokuten CD 「Kinoko kyosokyoku」

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Kanato: Huahahahaha!! xD
Subaru: Buaaaauáaa!! ioi
Shuu: Haaaaaaaaaaa, chikara ga …!! \ o /

They ate something that caused these reactions.
I don’t understand anything, but it’s funny! x3

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