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♥: For a brief moment, Eddie didn’t know what to think of such a spectacle. A mere child, feeding off of the blood of one of the inmates…Eddie remembered the stories of vampires that haunted him as a child, but he never believed such—and he wouldn’t do so now!

The need to protect himself arose. A hand drew the knife that he kept hidden away with his tuxedo vest, gripping the handle slowly with whitening knuckles, a sick smile gracing his bloody face as he looked down at the young man.

“The consuming of blood? You must be a friend of Frank’s…” A bit of a laugh. “He enjoys drinking blood, and eating skin—he cooks them all quite well, I’ve head.” Yes. That was the most plausible answer: this child must have known Frank…why else would he be in here? They were, perhaps, meeting for a feast upon the flesh! What a lovely idea, they were sure to have a grand time!

Then again, as Gluskin noticed, this one didn’t appear like the regular inmate. His clothing looked neat (if not for the bloodstains) and different, to say the least.

           …And why was he holding a bear?

Was it—perhaps!

             A wedding gift? Of course!

                                 What a lovely present for darling!

The knife was taken in both hands, interlaced between his bleeding fingers, held to his face in an adoring manner. “Yes, yes…If you are looking for Frank, I’m sure I can show you! But—oh! I am sure that my lovely darling with waiting for me downstairs.” The sound of the other inmate gurgling, the remaining blood pooling down and onto Eddie’s shoes. “My goodness, I should not be so dirty for the wedding.

   You must forgive me, I need to take my leave.”


                         ; Eyes blinked a few times in question, who was—- this ? He continued to speak of the unknown, it was confusing almost. Kanato just stared, his features pure, innocent. Bringing the bear closer to himself, the vampire lowered his head covering the lower part of his face before taking a slight step back, away from the stranger. The blood on his face being wiped on the back of his Teddy’s head; the mere sight of the sharp object caused a feeling of threat, he didn’t like it. 


                         ; There were no words said, only silence-—- listening, who were these people ? ? He had no idea, Kanato wasn’t a friend of anyone, especially in this place. He knew no one. The child was alone, no longer in the luxurious mansion that he once occupied, he was now here.

Confused, hungry and now feeling uneasy. There was no fear, merely concern, here was a male, speaking of people that Kanato didn’t know—- 

                                            ❝      Your knife, please put it away—-
                                                                                               It’s… alarming.     ❞

                         ; Why is the blood here so awful ? The question came to mind once again, Kanato didn’t think he would be able to survive off of the blood here for much longer. It lacked in taste, thickness—— it wasn’t rich at all, tainted. It make the vampire feel sick, and it didn’t satisfy his hunger for very long.

                                       —————-    ❝      … Is your blood bitter ?     ❞

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Bloody Fairy Tales ;  Snow White 

Skin whiter than snow. Lips redder than blood. A thirst darker than her blackened heart. Snow White dies as a young, kindly maiden hunted by an evil queen, she is reborn as a dark, vampire princess in a glass coffin with two puncture wounds in her neck and a sudden, unholy lust for blood. She serves her own venom heart to the evil queen and watches with glee as the poison chokes her to death. But, she has no interest in the kingdom of the living. This undying princess has set her eyes on a bigger, darker kingdom. She will drink and bathe in her enemies blood, she will overthrow Dracula, and Hades and even Death himself until she is queen. Until she is the Queen.  

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Ooc; I shall be home in about an hour or less ewe~ people should rp with me.

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O F F L I N E;


I have a class that starts at 11am, and then I have a horrible four hour break in between then a another class until 9pm, so I wont be home until later, I shall try to get online ! Unfortunately my laptop is too old to take with me, I should be getting a new one very soon, and then I can get on here in between my classes, but for now this is how it must be ;n;  

My activity is slowly starting to improve again since starting school, so I may begin starting up threads and such. If you are interested, please message me or add my skype: bloodveilraven

I don’t mind plotting something, things might be slow because real life first. But roleplaying is how I break free from all of this school stuff ewe <3

     Anyways, nighty! I shall hopefully be here later in the evening tomorrow!

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                              ❝     Please don’t come any closer.    ❞

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